About us

Let your heritage be your adornment, and let the life that adorns you be your heritage, your legacy for generations.

History reveals an anecdote originating in the glorious Mughal era when ancestors of the Guptas of Shri Hari Diagems, Vishambhar Dayal, frequented the royal court and held the esteemed position of treasurer or khajanchi, to Bahadur Shah Zafar. The family was renowned for the purity of the jewels they presented to the court and also for the flawless repair work they carried out on damaged and broken pieces. This reputation remains untarnished to present day. Today the company flourishes with personalized service where jewelry is customized to client specifications, intricate and complex repair and restoration is carried out and of course emphasis on retail where unique and eye catching collections and ensembles are available for the discerning client.

The young aristocrat featured in the company insignia is believed to be an ancestor who was instrumental in pioneering the family heritage. It is his skill, knowledge and connections that created the foundation upon which the family’s business and legacy have been based.

So with a pedigree that dates back to the 18th century Vinay Gupta and the artisans at Shri Hari Diagems combine the unique artistry of age old traditions with rare and exquisite gems sourced from around the world, the romance of South Sea pearls and rubies from Burma. The collection of timeless hallmark goldset pieces is unparalleled in its classical representation, while bespoke and original designs combine contemporary elegance with traditional grandeur.